act, exploit

ACTexploit, feat
SHYact of throwing
USEThe act of using
CASTact of throwing
DEEDexploit, feat
FEATdeed, act
PECKact of striking with a beak
FLINGact of throwing, often violently
REALITYdeed, exploit
REPRISALact of retaliation
ADORATIONact of religious worship
AVOIDANCEThe act of annulling
REJOICINGact of showing joy
COMBUSTIONThe act or process of burning
FEDERATIONAct of joining together into a single
PROCEEDINGact, performance
SUCCESSIONact of following in sequence
TRANSPLANTact of uprooting and moving
WRONGDOINGact that is illegal or immoral
DISPOSITIONtendency to act in a specified way
FEATact, deed
EXPLOITact, feat