Act of joining together into a single

ICEwater frozen into the solid state
YEN¥) since 1871, divided into 100 sen
CELLsingle-room dwelling for a hermit
CREWgroup of people together
DIVEjump or plunge into water
FEATdeed, act
PECKact of striking with a beak
TAKEsingle recorded performance
TURNact, exploit
FLINGact of throwing, often violently
HUDDLEteam gathering together
IMPORTgood brought into a jurisdiction
PICKETstake driven into the ground
GARMENTsingle item of clothing
POLENTAcornmeal boiled into a porridge
COMMUNIONjoining together of minds or spirits
DIMENSIONsingle aspect of a given thing
MONOLOGUEspeech presented by a single character
COLLABORATIONworking together
SUCCESSIONact of following in sequence
SOILINGact of making dirty