subclass of worms

GUNSThe ... of Navarone (film)
KEELpart of a sailing ship
KENTpart of England
MODEOne of Greek scales
MOLDdiverse group of fungi
PUMAbrand of running shoes
RATEof interest or fertility
TIPOmodel of Fiat
WINGpart of a plane
AGAMAtype of lizard
AGATEtype of gemstone
BRASSalloy of copper and zinc
COUNTof Monte Cristo
ERATOone of the muses
ESSEXpart of England
ETHERclass of organic compounds
LOTTOgame of chance similar to bingo
POWERsolar or of will
PRIDEone of the seven deadly sins
SKINKtype of lizard
CISTERNsub-terran water storage
PASTsubdivision of time