for driving or hunting

SOCKclothing for the feet
SOLOpiece of music for one performer
SONGcomposition for voice
BERTHfixed bunk for sleeping in
BREAKfor spring or coffee
COVERfor manhole or of clouds
DRESSfor wedding or evening
ETHOSGreek word for "character"
FRAMEfor picture or time
GODOTWaiting for ... (Beckett)
GUILTResponsibility for wrongdoing
HERTZSI unit for frequency
HOBBYhunting or reading
LEASHfor dogs and other animals
PAPERin toilet or for wrapping
SHIRTgarment for the upper body
NEEDLEfor sewing or knitting
SEASONholiday or hunting
COURSINGdog sport, hunting
MOTORINGdriving a car
LICENSEfor driving or fishing
SULKYfor harness races