demilitarized or time

DAYunit of time lasting 24 hours
NOWThe present time
WEEshort time or short distance
LOVEin the Time of Cholera
MASSsecond - time, kilogram - ?
PASTsubdivision of time
TERMtime, span
WEEKtime unit
YOREtime long past
FRAMEfor picture or time
METERtime - second, distance - ?
MONTHunit of time dividing the year
RUMBA4 time
ETERNITYendless time, an infinite duration
INTERVALspace of time
KILOGRAMtime - second, mass - ?
FREQUENCYnumber of occurrences per unit time
EXPRESSIONterm, time
NANOSECONDunit of time
MILLISECONDunit of time
MOOREDemi, actress
DESTROYERdemolisher, breaker