damage, loss

ILLmischief, damage
DINGVery minor damage
HURTdamage, harm
LOSSdamage, detriment
GRIEFresponse to loss
ORDERfungus or stop-loss
STAINdefect, damage
DAMAGEloss, detriment
DEFECTstain, damage
INJURYloss, ill
RAVAGEGrievous damage
AMNESIALoss of memory
BLACKOUTtemporary loss of consciousness
CALAMITYevent resulting in great loss
DECREASEloss, drop
MISCHIEFdamage, pique
DETRIMENTHarm, damage
INDEMNITYSecurity from damage
DETRIMENTdamage, injury
MISCHIEFdamage, pique