country with Tallinn

MALIcountry with Bamako
OMANcountry with Muscat
LIBYAcountry with Tripoli
MALTAcountry with Valletta
NIGERcountry with Niamey
BELIZEcountry with Belmopan
MALAWIcountry with Lilongwe
NORWAYcountry with Oslo
NAMIBIAcountry with Windhoek
NIGERIAcountry with Abuja
MALAYSIAcountry with Kuala Lumpur
MALDIVEScountry with Malé
PAKISTANcountry with Islamabad
PARAGUAYcountry with Asunción
LITHUANIAcountry with Vilnius
MACEDONIAcountry with Skopje
NICARAGUAcountry with Managua
MADAGASCARcountry with Antananarivo
NETHERLANDScountry with Amsterdam
LIECHTENSTEINcountry with Vaduz
TAIWANcountry with Taipei
KIRIBATIcountry with Tarawa