Crossword Dictionary

Condensed water falling from a cloud

FOGtype of cloud
GAMEwater polo or tennis
JUMPwater or pole
SOAKimmersion in water
SWANwater bird
TANKfish or water
ATLASCloud ... (film)
BROTHWater in which food has been boiled
CANALman-made channel for water
DOUGHflour + water
FLUIDwater or petroleum
GUANODung from a sea bird or from a bat
GULLYlandform created by running water
LEVEEridge or wall to hold back water
OCEANlarge body of saline water
PAINTposter or water-base
SHAPE... of Water (film)
SLUSHmixture of snow and liquid water
METEORshooting star or falling star
DECLINEfalling off