boiled or of Columbus

RAYbeam of light or radiation
SIRman of a higher rank or position
DARKcomplete or partial absence of light
RATEof interest or fertility
BROTHWater in which food has been boiled
ORDERfungus or stop-loss
PARTYRepublican or Conservative
PINTAColumbus' ship
POWERsolar or of will
RIVERNeva or Mekong
SANTA... María, Columbus' ship
ADDICTof caffeine or cocaine
COLUMNvertebral or of newspaper
DISCORDLack of concord, agreement or harmony
POLENTAcornmeal boiled into a porridge
TASTINGsmall amount of food or drink
PRESSUREatmospheric or of blood
ATTRIBUTEcharacteristic or quality of a thing
SMUGGLINGillegal movement of goods or people
CHRISTOPHERColumbus, sailor