Audi or Porsche

CARAudi or Ford
SONGballad or lullaby
SOUPgazpacho or porridge
STARSun or Rigel
TIREradial or spare
WIREbarbed or chicken
AGENTinsurance or travel
COURTappellate or supreme
DANCEtango or flamenco
FLUIDwater or petroleum
MACANmodel of Porsche
MOTORdiesel or stepping
ORDERfungus or stop-loss
PARTYRepublican or Conservative
POWERsolar or of will
RIVERNeva or Mekong
BOXSTERmodel of Porsche
CARRERAmodel of Porsche
CAYENNEmodel of Porsche
PANAMERAmodel of Porsche
CARAudi or Ford