old person

SEAThe Old Man and the ...
SOUold French copper coin
AGEDOld people, collectively
KIKEethnic slur for a Jewish person
NONEperson without religious affiliation
ARGUSalert, observant person
BOOBYstupid person
DINARold golden coin
DUCATold golden coin
DUNCEunintelligent person
FREAKunusual person
MOGULrich or powerful person
SOFTYweak or sentimental person
FLORINold golden coin
GUINEAold golden coin
ANCIENTvery old
ANTIQUEold collectable item
PISTOLEold golden coin
TODDLERchild 12 to 36 months old
DOUBLOONold golden coin
AGEDOld people, collectively
GARYOldman, actor