alcoholic mixed drink

GINalcoholic drink
RUMalcoholic drink
SIPsmall mouthful of drink
BEERalcoholic drink
MEADalcoholic drink
OUZOanis drink
SAKEalcoholic drink
WINEalcoholic drink
CIDERalcoholic drink
VODKAalcoholic drink
BRANDYalcoholic drink
COGNACalcoholic drink
SHERRYalcoholic drink
WHISKYalcoholic drink
LIQUEURalcoholic drink
TEQUILAalcoholic drink
CALVADOSalcoholic drink
HIGHBALLfamily of mixed drinks
VERMOUTHalcoholic drink
SLIVOVITZalcoholic drink
RUMalcoholic drink
DRINKERalcoholic, souse