violent release of energy

PEPEnergy, high spirits
VIMenergy, vitality
HEATThermal energy
RAGEViolent uncontrolled anger
AGONYViolent contest or striving
BLASTviolent gust of wind
BRASSalloy of copper and zinc
COUNTof Monte Cristo
ERATOone of the muses
ESSEXpart of England
ETHERclass of organic compounds
LOTTOgame of chance similar to bingo
PRIDEone of the seven deadly sins
SKINKtype of lizard
CALORIEunit of energy
PHYSICShigh-energy or plasma
RAMPAGEcourse of violent, frenzied action
VITALITYenergy, pep
CONCUSSIONviolent collision or shock
BLASTviolent gust of wind
RAGEViolent uncontrolled anger