violent collision or shock

WARconflict, collision
BUMPlight blow or jolting collision
RAGEViolent uncontrolled anger
WAVEgravity or shock
AGONYViolent contest or striving
BLASTviolent gust of wind
COURTappellate or supreme
DANCEtango or flamenco
FLUIDwater or petroleum
MOTORdiesel or stepping
ORDERfungus or stop-loss
PARTYRepublican or Conservative
POWERsolar or of will
RIVERNeva or Mekong
BATTLEconflict, collision
RAMPAGEcourse of violent, frenzied action
TEMBLORearthquake, shock
CONFLICTbattle, collision
EXPLOSIONviolent release of energy
EARTHQUAKEtemblor, shock
WRONGDOINGViolation of standards of behavior
AGONYViolent contest or striving