Crossword Dictionary

liquid which converts lead to gold

EYEorgan through which animals see
JUGcontainer used to hold liquid
LEDEintroduction, lead-in
RUSHgold or common
AWARDgold medal
BROTHWater in which food has been boiled
DRIFTthat which moves or is moved
FEVERbuck or gold
METALgold or iron
SLICEThat which is thin and broad
TOWELcloth which is used to dry something
FUTUREtime which has yet to occur
BATTERYgalvanic or lead-acid
BONANZArich mine or vein of silver or gold
MISSILEair-to-air or air-to-ground
PLUMBERworks with lead
ELECTRUMgold + silver
GRAPHITEblack lead
MAINSTREAMThat which is common
GREENGROCERshop which sells fruits and vegetables
EFFUSIONliquid outpouring